About us

Ascension Post understands that sound is truly one of the most crucial parts of any film. Sound can easily make or break a project. We adhere to the highest level of accountability and heavily invest ourselves in each and every project. We listen to our clients’ needs and deliver a final product that will achieve its absolute fullest potential. Ascension Post is proud to offer a state of the art facility that will fulfill any requirement that may arise during the post-sound process. Our objective is to build rich relationships through an impeccable final product that surpasses the most detailed orientated Director/Producer’s expectations.


Ascension Post has a state-of-the-art facility that can deliver the highest quality final products and necessary deliverables. Ascension is equipped with Avid Pro Tools HDX-2, Dual ICON Controllers, 20 foot micro-perforated theater screen, 3 way JBL Screen Array System with Crown amplification, an extensive plugin library and 5TB of professional sound effects in a Dolby tuned 1,000 sq ft. stage. Adjacent to the main stage are ADR/Foley recording studios for efficient and quick access boasting Pro Tools HD, dozens of specialty microphones and a large plugin library.