Ascension Post is an Emmy Award winning full-service entertainment media company offering picture finishing, audio post production, editorial, visual effects, HDR color grading, content management, localization, restoration and media storage services.  Ascension Post has worked closely with Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, Sony, Technicolor, Marvel and Paramount among many others. 

Establishing a formidable alliance with the industry’s top professionals, Ascension is able to provide all the necessary post services that may arise during post production of any project. 

Ray McMaster, the visual effects guru, with box office numbers exceeding 10 Billion worldwide was the vfx supervisor on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  Ray’s long list of top-tier Hollywood Blockbuster movies include Transformers, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Amazing Spider Man, Man of Steel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Doctor Strange and Avengers: Infinity War. 

Michael Archacki is an Emmy Award winning sound supervisor/mixer and founder of Ascension Post.  With over 200 imdb credits and 20 years experience in the industry, Michael is best known for his work with Al Pacino on his film Salome, in which Pacino directs.  His large dub-stage theater in Burbank is lauded as one of the best sounding mix stages in all of L.A. 

Loren White, senior colorist extraordinaire is one of the industry’s highly sought after artists with credits that include Watchmen, The Dark Knight Rises and Disney’s Black is King.  Loren’s high-end color grading and finishing theater, LookWell, also includes 4K HDR color grading in real-time. 

Sam Khoze is a creative producer, A.I. technology entrepreneur, and marketing director with over ten years of experience.  Sam has gained the distinction of being the first filmmaker to cast and train an individual Artificial Intelligence entity named “Erica” in a $70 million Motion Picture. 

Eric Pham is a director, writer, producer and a visual effects master with over 27 major studio feature films including Sin City, Mission: Impossible II, and 007’s The World is Not Enough. 

Here at Ascension, we adhere to the highest level of accountability and heavily invest ourselves in each and every project.




What Ascension Post can do for you

Sound Supervision and Editorial
Our award winning Supervising Sound Editors and Re-Recording Mixers create unparalleled sound tracks for any medium.
5.1 and 7.1 Re-recording Mixing
Our Re-Recording Mixers bring their expertise and creativity to every detail of your project.

Custom Sound Design
Wham! Bam! Boom! We will elevate your project with unique sound design/sfx that will blow you away!
ADR/Voiceover Recording
We will meet your most demanding schedule for ADR and Voiceover needs.

The Foley stage offers custom recorded sound effects designed to enhance and define your soundtrack.
The next big leap towards complete sound immersion. We can design your VR project with full spatial audio.
Our team of Composers can take your film to the next level with any genre of original music composition.
M & E Fulfillment
Deliverables, specs and foreign distribution requirements got you down? Let our dedicated team handle it.

Audio Restoration
World class restoration software/hardware and techniques will recover your audio to it’s optimal state.
Forensic Audio
Recover, evaluate, enhance, clarify, and authenticate audio recordings to be used in court.
Need an edit to your music? Music placement in your film? We have your back!
Your final audio can be packaged in a nice neat Dolby E file. Ready for shipping!